Guest posting sites 2019

Guest posting sites 2019

Find high quality niche related guest posting websites that would normally be missed and use them to help grow your brand and send you quality highly traffic.

guest posting sites 2019

Find powerful backlink opportunities to help you score niche related high quality backlinks to rocket your website up Google with an up to date list of sites for Never waste hours again trying to find guest posting websites by searching Google with clumsy keyword combinations. Our guest posting sites are fresh! Our search results provide you with all the key metrics you need such as Moz DA and social media power to decide if each guest posting opportunity is right for you.

Guest posting is the process by which bloggers and website owners reach to guest posting sites that accept guest authors.

This outreach should result in a highly customised professional request also known as a pitch to write content for their website. In most cases, the arrangement ends in receiving a backlink from the website from which the blogger has submitted content. This backlink points to their website and provides a boost for search engine optimization SEO purposes. But how do you go about this?

What opportunities exist? Is it safe? There are a ton of incredible benefits to your website, SEO and audience with guest posting.

But how does one get started with the guest blogging process? However, the benefits can be astounding if done properly. It requires setting goals, discovering your opportunities, pitching with proper timingsubmitting a post for consideration, and ensuring engagement. Before delving too deeply, the first thing a prospective guest poster needs to determine is their overall goal.

Having this in mind ahead of time is crucial to determine the proper types of blogs to push guest posting requests to. There are typically a few main goals common for guest posting outreach: Setting your website up to be considered a known name and authority in your niche Cultivating high-quality backlinks to your own blog or website Growing traffic and exposure to your site from third-party websites.

List of 50+ Quality Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

With the correct content on high-performing blogs in your industry, the sky's the limit with what can be done. However, if you are wanting to push more backlinks to your own site, look for websites that have very strong domain authority.Disclosure: The information we provide is precise and genuine to make your Every Buck Count. However, some of the links provided belong to our affiliate partners and we get paid for it.

For more information please check out our Full Advertising Disclosure. There are plenty of blogs out there that allow writers to leave guest posts, usually in exchange for a link back to their sites to help develop a portfolio of published articles. But there are also plenty of freelance writing jobs that pay writers for leaving guests posts.

Top 150+ High DA Guest Posting Sites List in 2019 | Yogesh Gaur

While compensation might be quite low with certain sites, others pay a decent amount for published work. The mastermind behind Make a Living Writing is Carol Tice who is very vocal about her desire to help freelance writers earn a living doing what they love. In order to pitch a topic idea, however, you will have to pitch during Open Pitch Period.

This female-focused website is filled with information dedicated to women. While the site accepts one-off articles, they prefer to build working relationships with their writers. In addition, they look for very specific ideas and encourage writers to check out their current opportunities.

This finance site publishes articles centered around making money, saving money, and building wealth. They look for articles that are presented in a light-hearted and witty way while still educating the reader. This healthcare blog publishes content surrounding the holistic health and wellness sphere. They prefer their writers to hail from the healthcare field, including graduates and current students. Not only do they pay, but they also credit you for the content.

This is the official blog of International Wine Accessories that publishes content aimed at wine connoisseurs. Elite Personal Finance is a finance blog with content from those who have experience in the finance sector. BlogPaws is a global community of pet lovers who love to write about their pets and connect with others through social media.

Free Guest post site with do follow backlink with Demo(DA-91) [in Hindi]

The site connects pet parents with each other, so if you have an affinity for animals, this might be a great gig. Listicles are popular types of articles found on the internet, and Listverse is dedicated to such content. All they are looking for is someone who is a native English speaker, has an affinity for certain things, and has an interesting way of communicating them. The creative, funny, and witty type will love writing for Cracked.

Millions of people peruse this site, so you could realistically get a lot of eyes on your content. And the fact that they pay you for your work sweetens the deal.

Compensation is not specified.Guest posting is one of the best ways to increase your website audience. Guest posting sites are very useful in building quality backlinks to your website.

Guest blogging and guesting posting are the same things. Now for newbies, it is hard to understand what is a guest post or how to do guest posting?

Let me introduce it.

guest posting sites 2019

A blog post or an article published on a website by someone else rather than website owner is called guest post. The process to submit a guest post is called guest posting or guest blogging.

Guest posting is generally done for link building, to increase subscribers, to build relationship etc. Now I will let you know the process of guest posting and how to do guest blogging. If you have found any missing free guest posting site in the above list or any niche then please let us know by doing E-mail us directly.

Please find the e-mail address in the footer. Admin is a professional blogger at TechJeny. For more info contact us here. For Advertise on TechJeny, visit Advertise page. Thanks for sharing the great list of guest posting sites with us, which saves a lot of hours searching each individual site. I have bookmarked this page for my future guest posting. I will Also share this list in my social media circle.

Hi, This is the great list of all Related Guest Post. I need high quality websites for Paid guest posting, send me high quality websites i need the below niches. Your email address will not be published.

guest posting sites 2019

Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer Guest posting is one of the best ways to increase your website audience. Table of Contents 1 What is a Guest Post? Comments Thanks for sharing the great list of guest posting sites with us, which saves a lot of hours searching each individual site. Thanks for sharing the great list of guest posting sites!!!

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Email us : techjenyblog gmail.Disclaimer: This list in no way guarantees that all or any of the websites listed below will accept your content, guest post or contribution. Your work may or may not be compensated financially. Guest posting is more for those who are looking to contribute a one-off post, whereas being a contributor may require some degree of commitment e.

Whatever you prefer to call this process, ensuring that your posts are published only on reliable, quality and reputable websites is an absolute necessity if you wish to reap the rewards of guest blogging. No, wait a second, there is a huge distinction between crappy guest blogging and quality contributions of your original, well-written and comprehensive content to authoritative, trusted and reputable blogs.

guest posting sites 2019

Instead of focusing on long-term commitment and long-lasting relationship with the blogger, so called SEOs used guest posting only for building backlinks most times on low-quality websitesusually spinning articles all over again and republishing them on different blogs.

Sure, most of us know that guest blogging has been hit by spammers, publishing low-quality articles on shitty blogs. But, does that really mean guest blogging is totally dead? No, not at all. In his original post he said:. But after being swept away by over comments presumably from quality guest bloggershe added the following:.

High-quality multi-author blogs like Boing Boing have been around since the beginning of the web, and they can be compelling, wonderful, and useful. Instead, be authentic, credible, write high-quality stuff and focus on long-term benefits of contributing your work to 3rd party websites.

I think we can draw a line here. I hope you have an understanding of how low-quality guest blogging is different from high-quality contributions. It would have been a crime to write this post and not to mention the main benefits of guest blogging. Although there are numerous benefits of contributing content and being a guest bloggeryou should plan your journey carefully when deciding to utilise this strategy.

All great things come with pitfalls. You should be prepared to work your socks off to get published in an authoritative publication. Identify which content performs best on a particular blog and what type of content gets the most traction.

Identify the style of other posts, how well they are written and how detailed the posts are. How long should the piece be?

There is no point writing a 2,word article just to find out that the limit is 1, words. When pitching, keep your email short words or lessprovide multiple headline variations, give a brief description of the article, a quick bio of yourself what you do, where else have you been published, achievements, etc.

Make sure your post is formatted according to the style of the blog, including any relevant images everyone loves images. Usually, blogs would ask you to submit the article in HTML or Markdown format, in which case you should host images on your own website and input the source links.

If you wish your guest blogging to be successful, the way you present yourself may be the determinant factor.From the history of guest posting and its evolution over the past few years to the current best practices and best places to find killer sites to post on. By the time you are finished here today, you will be fully equipped to go out and create epic guest posts that will generate traffic and revenue for your company for years to come.

Guest Posting History How to find killer guest posting sites. How to pitch your article to a guest posting site How to maximize each guest post you publish. You see, over the years, the folks over at Google have become better and better at crafting algorithms to ensure only high quality content sees the first page for any keyword.

Prior to the many Google updates related to guest posting practices The initial Penguin update being the most notable guest posting was simple. Inthe formula for a successful guest posting strategy that will help you rank your website, while simple, is also incredibly challenging.

Luckily for you, my team and I here at Outreachmama have compiled this guide to help you find incredible guest posting opportunities, convince site owners to work with you, and reap the rewards of a healthy backlink profile. Before you even consider putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard as it were you must first make a list of highly relevant sites where you plan to submit your post. You can also check out this Publicize guide.

Here are the 40 search strings that Brian Dean recommends you try out. Many bloggers love to laud the websites where they have been featured, and this provides a treasure trove of potential guest posting targets for you and your company. This is one of my personal favorite tactics to use, primarily because this allows you to quickly vet potential targets and the probability of being featured on each one. If you are selective when choosing the competitors that you research e. Also, this tactic provides you with the unique opportunity of actually targeting the sites you are researching.

With your backlink tracking tool of choice, insert your first and second page competition to find sites linking back to their website that you might not have expected.

All you have to do is head over to alltop. It is important to note that not every blog listed actually accepts guest posts. But if you are willing to do some digging or hire a VA to do it for you you can quickly compile an extensive list of opportunities ripe for the picking.

For those of you who have a substantial following on your own blog, this tactic is a powerhouse strategy for quickly finding guest posting opportunities. If you have enough content on your blog, chances are you will see more than a few blog comments from other bloggers in your space.

Instead of simply acknowledging and responding to their comments, why not reach out and ask if they would accept a post on their site? After all, if they like your content enough to comment on it hopefully the comment was positive they will probably like you and your company enough to accept a guest post on their own site.

Instead of spending hours researching and hunting down potential opportunities, why not use articles like this one that offer premade lists of the best guest posting sites from around the web? While this tactic can lead to a couple of dead ends many sites change their guest posting policy or lose relevance over the years this is by far the easiest way to find tons of great opportunities and it requires nothing more than a simple Google search.

Before you move forward with any of the above recommendations, you need to listen up and pay attention. Just because you have found a website that accepts guest posts does not mean that you should even consider the site for your content.

You see, not only does Google not promote sites that have dozens of backlinks from low authority, irrelevant sources, it actively penalizes sites that appear to have a spam-based or otherwise blackhat link profile. Even a mere backlinks from websites with high DA and high relevance is better than backlinks from irrelevant and unauthoritative websites.

This list was compiled in June of and the sites contained on it may or may not still be actively accepting guest posts. Check out the sites below:. Content Location.Love story vs India special news of health and education. Technology to make SEO friendly blog, get backlinks, increase traffic and earn money. I'm an Indian blogger. My blog provides you Cricket highlights, SEO technology to increase traffic, backlinks, and online earning. Get exam results, love stories and event news.

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100% Free Guest Posting Sites List [2020] for Quality Backlinks

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Conversion Conversion Emoticon Emoticon. Gyanbest, Cricket news, SEO technology. Best guest posting submission sites, Get traffic, lifetime backlinks Gyan Ranjan May 24, Tweet Share Share Share Share. About Gyan Ranjan. Unknown admin. Village Talkies admin. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.Do you know guest posting is one of the best ways of getting quality backlinks? Do you know with only guest posting you can rank higher in Google?

Nowadays, finding guest posting opportunities is not a difficult task but finding free guest post opportunities is very difficult. Before I provide you with the free guest posting sites list, let me give you an idea of how you can pitch the topic to maximize the chances of being approved. This is one of the commonly asked questions which newbies ask when it comes to guest blogging.

You have to read them very carefully and then have to write articles according to their requirements. It is advisable that before you start writing the article you contact the site owner and pitch the idea. If they approve it then you can start writing because doing so will save you a lot of your quality time. I have seen that most of the people find it difficult to write an appealing email to pitch the idea and if you are also one of those then you can simply use my template.

I am interested in writing a guest post on your site. So, here I am sending you the topic idea for approval: [Topic]. If you are interested in my topic idea, do let me know so I can send you the article for review.

Top 150+ High DA Guest Posting Sites List in 2019 | Yogesh Gaur

I hope you have liked this free guest posting sites list. So, if you also want to get backlinks from these sites then you have to submit quality articles to get approved.

Watch this video tutorial to find tons of other high-quality guest blogging opportunities in your niche! You can also share with me quality sites that are accepting guest posts for free and after review, I will add them to my list.

I cannot check the sites regularly so if you find any site not accepting guest posts or free guest posts anymore let me know and I will remove it. Lastly, I would like to say that keep visiting my blog because I am continuously adding new guest posting sites to the list and do not forget to share the article with your friends. It was really informative article and I take your tips as my guidance.

I have started blogging recently and I will make sure that the tips mentioned by you will be implemented in my blog.

Really Guest Post is very helpful to generate the back links, thank you for sharing the nice listing,well done. Very helpful collection of Guest Post sites! One can easily get benefit from above blog submission sites to get rank higher.

Great work! Your e-mail address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. The sites which I am going to share will have: Domain Authority DA of Low Spam Score Real Traffic organic in most cases Before I provide you with the free guest posting sites list, let me give you an idea of how you can pitch the topic to maximize the chances of being approved.

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